2005 - Pulse – arts film 25 mins

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Pulse, the third film in a series looking at the London landscape, explores the artistic potential of digital filmmaking. Pulse has its emphasis on the river, the moon cycle, the tides, and people interacting with it.

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Filming took place over 24 hours on the night of the September full moon 2004 with 10 cameras placed strategically on high buildings - the Shell building, The 'Shellmex' building, Tate Modern, and a boat on the Thames. This time-lapse footage is interwoven with vignettes of observations of the river and its inhabitants - differing perspectives and interpretations of the river over the 24hour period.

Guitarist Tony Remy wrote the music for the film and jazz saxophonist Jean Toussaint and tabla player Aref Durvesh feature.

Funded by Westminster City Arts Council and Film London.

Screenings of Pulse:

  • Curzon Soho London 2005
  • Phoenix Leicester 2005
  • the Thames River Festival September 2005. An exterior night-time screening projected against the Lyttleton Flytower of the National Theatre overlooking the Thames.

Reviews of Pulse:

  • the full moon travelled towards the west as the film was unrolling ... airplanes were crossing the sky ... the music was coming from everywhere and behind me ... all london had been breathing as i was watching something magic projected on the NT tower ...
  • great images of London and the Thames ... We thought it was brilliant!



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