A story of love, death, and resurrection.

directed by Judith Burrows
music by Tony Remi
funded by pulse scheme 2005

Film London UK Film Council

Carwash 4  Rough Cut 24 Tom Play  Carwash Still 1
Carwash BW 2  Carwash Still 2  Breakers BW 2

What happens when a car dies?

Discarded, dumped, designated for the breakers yard and the crusher, the dead car is toxic waste manifested in burning tyre mountains and landfill.

The EU took Action. We can look forward to a positive environmentally friendly future... of clean breakers yards... ecological manufacturing... recycling and "resurrection".

... the spirit of the car lives on.

Screened at Curzon Soho May 2006.

Distribution by the British Council to Festival Worldwide.

"CARWASH is a visual feast showing a rich and individual visual style"